Monday, June 5, 2017

Garden Adventures for the Yardless

One of the many things I like to attempt to do (not always with great success), is to grow a bit of food. In my old neighbourhood I had a northwest facing yard and didn't get enough sun to grow anything in the ground. I had some moderate success with tomatoes on the balcony, but everything else either cooked in the western sunsets or got eaten by squirrels.

I moved last November and wasn't too sure that I would be able to continue container gardening. My new balcony is about half the size, but south facing so I really wanted to try a little bit. I currently have two tomato plants (a Sweet 100 and an Early Girl), some strawberries and tonight I added a pepper plant that I couldn't pass up. Look at these baby peppers!

I also have a couple of strawberries ripening and more flowers getting ready to make fruit.

The tomato plants are putting out tons of flowers and I really need to move them up to slightly larger pots and get them staked.

The biggest blessing for this year was finally getting a bed in a local community garden! I just kind of stumbled in to it and didn't even have to put my name on a wait list.

I got it weeded and ready on May 22:

I had some volunteer lettuce, I'm assuming it seeded from what was planted there last year, and put a few marigolds in the ground.

Then on May 30 I went and put in most of my seeds and plants:

The front uncovered part of the bed has radishes, carrots and beet seeds planted. Under the cover are some basil, another pepper plant, a cucumber plant (Patio Snacker) and three tomato plants (La Roma III, Yellow Pear and Manitoba).

I went back on June 4 to water and check things out. Everything is doing well except the basil (I think it got too dry) and the cukes (all the big leaves died and it's back to little stumpy growth). The radishes are coming up.

I forgot to take a picture at the garden, but did bring home this tiny harvest:

There is rhubarb in the shared areas of the garden... I'll probably go and get more. I'm looking forward to the raspberries later in the season too!

So far I'm quite pleased with how everything is doing.

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