Sunday, June 11, 2017

Balcony Gardening

In addition to my community garden plot this summer, I am also doing a little balcony gardening (as I've mentioned before.

Today I repotted some flowers and my pepper plant. I also planted some green onions and some potatoes as an experiment. Here is a picture of my "set up":

I also repotted my tomatoes and put in some bigger supports.

Early Girl

Supersweet 100

It broke my heart, but I pinched back my pepper plant and removed the blooms because I want it to bush out more. This is my first time trying to grow peppers and I'm going to trust the experts who say to focus on building plant structure early in the season and not let them start production.

So far everything seems pretty happy and the tomatoes are putting out lots of blooms, so I'm hoping for a good year.

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