Monday, May 15, 2017

I'm Baaaaack!

After 5 long years, I'm back to give this another try.

Thank goodness I remembered how to find this blog. Going through my old posts was a mixture of wonderful and cringy (I deleted those ones).

What made me come back? Good question...

My main driver is to write more, about my life and my artistic endeavours. I eventually plan to launch a small home business, so I would like to start sharing more about what I do and "build my brand". Primarily, I'm a quilter, but I also knit, spin and raise an English Angora rabbit (his name is Mister... I'm sure you'll meet him soon).

As it says in my profile, I also enjoy playing my uke, hiking, camping (and other outdoor pursuits) and I dabble in some genealogy research and local travel. All of which I'm sure will make brief appearances on these pages as well.

This blog is going to be a big learning experience for me, so if you're reading please bear with me while I learn the ropes. I'm really looking forward to sharing with all of you!


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