Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fibre Dyeing

Last weekend I took a fibre dying class with Sam from Yummy Yarn Studio here in Calgary. We had a great day, learning how to use acid dyes (Jacquard brand) and got to play with dyeing some of our own skeins of wool. The wool we dyed was 80/20 BFL/nylon in a fingering weight (yay socks!) and started in a natural, undyed colour.

I decided to challenge myself a little and use colours I wouldn't normally use and try not to be so "precise" in my application or stress about the results. I tend to overthink the design process of any project, but am starting to realize that half the fun is just jumping in and going for it!

Here are my results:

This one was dyed with Chestnut, Spruce Green and Golden Ochre. It is quite beautiful and bright, but I didn't get quite as much of the chestnut colour in it as I had hoped for.

This one was dyed with Periwinkle, Golden Yellow and Chartreuse and lost most of it's colour... but I ended up loving the results anyways! I'm sure that I remembered to put on the vinegar before steaming it... who knows what happened. It is truly a "gift from the dye pot" as Sam would say.

This one was dyed with Black, Silver and Scarlet. I wanted it to be very saturated, but obviously didn't work the dye through all the wool and ended up with some untouched spots. I am quite fond of the results however.

I haven't named any of my colourways yet, that's the other part that I struggle with... the perfect name. I'm also not sure what these beauties are going to be knitted in to yet. Will they be socks? Scarves? Not sure... but I am sure that they will be even better once they get to BE something!

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