Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Return to Scrapbooking

Ok, so I haven't done an actual scrapbook page an a long time (really long... can't remember exactly, but it's been months), but we're coming up on a New Year and that always gets the inspiration flowing a little:

"What are my goals?" 
"What do I want to do with this whole New Year ahead of me?"
I haven't looked at the Challenges board on in a really long time but this morning I thought I would take a peek (I actually think I clicked on it by accident when I was going to look for new swaps, but that's beside the point) only to find that my friend Tammy had posted a challenge about scrapping your word for 2011. We were to pick a word that we wanted to focus on in the New Year and scrap that word. I chose the word 'Simplicity' and as soon as it came to me the page would not get out of my brain so I knew I had to put it altogether right now! I have never (NEVER) had a page come together so quickly for me and in 15 minutes (crazy!) it was done!!

Here is what I wrote about it on

First, that is NOT a picture of me, but I promise that if I ever manage to do that and someone takes a picture of it then I will add it over this magazine image. I thought it fit the word and the feeling it gives me so I used it.

Second, it was so HARD no to do any distressing or inking but I felt that wouldn't have fit the page either.

There is hidden journaling under the picture that reads: "One of my words for 2011 in 'simplicity'. I am a big dreamer and seem to complicate my life with plans and lists and lots of ideas about who I should be and where I want to be going. Yet... when I stop and think about it, it is the simple moments where I allow my life to just happen that are the most treasured and memorable. My other word for this year... 'freedom' because that is what living simply gives me."

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