Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thunder Spirit

Last night my fingers were itching to do something... anything... and I couldn't shut my brain down to go to sleep. So I threw on the headphones with Solitudes - Thunder Spirit playing, meditated a bit and this is what came out:

This piece has a lot of nature elements in it... sky, earth, water. Not sure what the eye or the bird mean to me at the moment (or what they meant at the time I drew them), they just said they needed to be there.

I'm pretty happy with it. About halfway through I had to stop and get my head to relax again (you shouldn't be gritting your teeth while you meditatively doodle... right??). I had a lot of problems with my pen this time, so I will have to try a different one next time.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Prairie Summer

I take part in a few swaps on One of them is a monthly envelope swap for embellishments. Typically, we include 2-3 NIP (new in package) items, a spool of ribbon and a handmade item. Sometimes it is different, but it usually depends on the theme. This month's theme was summer. Buying items is easy, but it took me awhile to come up with something to make. I formulated this idea in my head and was so happy that it came out just the way I pictured it! (That doesn't usually happen to me).

Page Title

This is a 5x7 page title that I created from cardstock, patterened paper, foam letters and vellum. I cut and layered the grass by hand. I really hope my swap partner likes it, I had so much fun creating it! I think I'll have to make another one for myself!!