Monday, August 3, 2009

Canoeing and Quilting - OR - The Perfect Creative Retreat

Back in July my mom and I headed north to Pigeon Lake for a women's creative retreat. She goes every year with her friends and after three years of dropping hints I finally got an invite this year. It was so amazing!!

We went for five days, to a Girl Guide campsite at Pigeon, where we had rented the lodge (my mom and her friends are all past and present Girl Guide volunteers) and set up the common area for everyone to work on their related craft. We had mostly quilters, but there were also a couple of scrapbookers, a graphic novelist, some bakers and some relaxers (which can be an art form all on it's own... trust me).

In addition to working on our craft we had access to walking paths, shopping and canoes on the lake. It didn't look like the weather was going to cooperate for too much canoeing as there was lots of wind. By the second last day mom and I made a deal that if at any point the water was calm we would drop everything and grab a canoe. Just before sunset we went for a walk to calm my frustrated mind (my sewing was not going well). We got down to the dock and the water was as smooth as glass. We took one look at each other and practically ran back to the lodge... "To the canoes!!"

It was a glorious sunset canoe! There were fish jumping out of the water catching bugs, loons calling and not too many power boats out. (The part that mom would probably prefer I didn't mention was that we had the canoe backwards the whole time! She's supposed to be the expert here... and we couldn't figure out why I had no room for my feet!! LOL)

The next day was our last so we took one more afternoon canoe trip, finished working on our projects and had to pack up. I was very sad to leave. It has been a long time since I spent that much time with a group of such supportive women. The caring, respect and fun spirits of all these women was amazing and I left feeling refreshed and renewed. I'm already looking forward to next year! I also left with new pride with myself. I not only accomplished my goal, but exceeded it and woken the creative spirit in me once again. Here is what I have completed so far (there's still a long way to go):

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